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“The themes are melodic, memorable, and often beautiful, but there’s an intelligent, exploratory side to the music that ensures that it transcends mere ‘prettiness’.”

(Ian Mann- The Jazz Mann)

“There’s a deep integrity to these performances that respects both the music and the audience with results that, tonight, are as rewarding as it gets for all concerned.”

(Tony Benjamin- Venue Magazine)


“The mysterious, magical combination of fine improvising musicians interacting with each other within these compositions produced a very special gig.”

(Mike Collins- jazzyblogman)


“Its powerful stuff and promises much of Greg Cordez’s interesting and stylish project.” (Tony Benjamin- Venue Magazine)


“Greg writes lush harmonies that move through pieces of often plaintive, lingering beauty.” (Charlie Dunlap- Listomania)


“Cordez though is much more than just a brilliant bassist, and the gig highlighted his quite considerable skills as composer.” (Bristoljazzcrew.blogspot)